Witty, authoritative, comprehensive and fun, ‘Wake Up and Smell the Profit’ is the ultimate guide to making more money in your coffee business. In this book you’ll find the sharpest insights and the best ideas from two of the UK’s top Coffee Business Gurus. Together ‘The Coffee Boys’ have 40 years’ experience in how to make money in the coffee selling business. Whether you operate a single site espresso bar, a Michelin starred restaurant or chain of hotels, there is something in this book for everyone.With 52 motivating tips and suggestions (plus an extra bonus idea for good measure), all you need to do is apply one initiative a week for a year and you could have a much more profitable and easier to manage business within twelve months.With this book you’ll be able to: Make more money and work less; Have happier customers who spend more money; Win more customers without spending a fortune; Enjoy running your business more; Create customers who rave about your business and consequently generate more customers through word of mouth. What are you waiting for?

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February 7th, 2018

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  • Jason S says:

    No Fluff, To The Point, 52 Ways to Improve and Have More Coffee Success. At 101 pages Wake Up and Smell the Profit gets right to the point providing good advice in nearly every line. The book is broken down into 52 tips making each one only a couple pages long. This is a good book to keep around and read during those 5-10 minute breaks between tasks or appointments.When I first read the title I assumed it meant 52 ways to market your coffee house. These 52 ways however, are more like tips to improve your coffee business. Some would argue “that is…

  • Antony M. Young says:

    Learn from the Cafe Yoda’s!!! I’ve bought and read several books on running a cafe, many of which give you very generic advice such as “location is very important” or “you need to focus on training,” or provide a list of what you need to tick off, but don’t given you a firm point of view on what to do or not do. That’s where I found “Wake Up and Smell the Profit” is different, and superior. The authors give you definitive actions or advice, which if you are running or planning on opening a cafe you…

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