Different setups work in different markets. Everyone makes money in a bull market. Not everyone keeps it when the market goes into correction or a range-bound, choppy mode. A good trader is able to adapt to changing markets. There are four major types of markets and each of them requires a different approach: Uptrend, Range-bound, Downtrend, and Bottoming Process. In this book, I show you how to recognize each market environment and how to best approach it. This is one of the most practical trading books ever written. It doesn’t waste your time with personal stories of grandeur. It is all about setups – what setups to trade and when, why they work, how to find them, how to trade them, where to exit. It is a complete game plan for any market environment. And since I believe a good picture is worth a thousand words – there are 140 annotated charts with examples for all ten major setups discussed in the book.

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December 7th, 2017

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  • George says:

    Actionable Trading Guidebook I highly recommended this book for two reasons. First, the setups described are very detailed and offer precise instructions for the setup itself, information on how the setup works, when to trade the setup, trade management, numerous color charts of setup examples, and more. The second reason is the terrific summary at the end of the book which provides recommendations for using certain setups based on the current market type: uptrend, downtrend, range, and market bottoming. A basic technical…

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