Whether you are a beginner to real estate investing or have been doing this a while, there are always different variations to the way things can be done. It’s the tweaks and changes that make a difference. Within these covers you will discover: Discover the properties and sellers you need to target to make the biggest profits The 3 types of marketing that will get your phone ringing off the hook Discover how to get on the Deal FAST Track with Your Realtors even with NO Experience Not sure what your marketing should look like? Get Samples of Marketing Designs for your signs, flyers, letters and post cards Who should Answer your Phone so you aren’t missing potential leads Learn how to pre-screen deals out of the comfort of your home and discover which deals to see and which ones to pass on! Our proven Motivational Analysis Seller Script with two questions that will get them to drop their asking price $20-$30k Analyze deals Step by Step and how to determine your MAO How to Accurately determine your After Repair Value so you don’t lose your total profit How to Prepare for meeting a seller including the forms you need to bring including a checklist The Key Things you need to do and Say when meeting the seller to get a signed agreement (P&S) How to Inspect the property step by step including a checklist Where to Get the CASH to Get your deals done What you need to know to do Lease Options including Lease agreement and Option agreement 12 Steps of Closing the deal – Tells you exactly what you need to do in 12 easy steps after you get a deal under contract. Selling Quickly in Today’s Market. The System to use to sell your properties just like us in 45 days or less in today’s market. This book lays out a system from the basics of getting started in quick turn real estate to the advanced, what it takes to get the deal closed by creating a win-win situation. A system designed for you to use over and over again in your real estate business to help you become successful. You can implement these strategies to build your own real estate fortune.

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September 24th, 2017

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