Tax Path for Middle-Income Households helps folks learn ways to pay less income tax, so those extra funds can be used elsewhere. Explanations of how employees should maximize participation in employer retirement plans, AND contribute to an IRA or Roth IRA are included, as well as in depth discussion how to use college income tax credits and deductions to help pay for college. The book includes a frank discussion on whether you need a CPA, and critical do-it-youselfer mistakes, some of which were not fixable. Filing status (including Married Filing Separately and Head of Household statuses) discussions are included, because Married Filing Joint or Single are not always the best filing choice. Also included are the requirements to take exemptions for your children, as well as extended family and other members of the household. Kiddie Tax is explained, and readers learn it’s actually a benefit to use the Kiddie Tax rules. Dependent care tax benefits are discussed and how to strategize to use the most tax efficient benefit. The book includes many more subject areas of interest to middle-income households. In effect, if you learn to take actions to save income tax, you will have more available cash for other needs, such as funding a retirement plan, contributing to your child’s college education fund, enjoying with your family.

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  • Tax Path for Middle Income Households Explore Income Tax Savings Keep More of Your Money

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October 21st, 2017

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