More Leads; the most expensive and difficult function of any business is acquiring new customers. However, the reason it’s difficult has nothing to do with you; it’s your MARKET DOMINATING POSITION.

More Conversions; how would you like to sell more of your products or services… without increasing your traffic?  If that’s your goal, then you need to improve your conversion rate and this book shows you how.

More Transactions; you will learn in this book how to increase the number of times your customers purchase from you represents a profound and simple business-building strategy that can easily double or triple your profits.

This FAST how-to MARKETING book for small business owners is not theory or formulas gathered from research. Ron Hequet has based this book of business marketing and other operating principles on proven experience; the blood, sweat and tears with his own businesses and with clients’ businesses, in over 20 different industries.

Why the chapters are titled Marketing Strategy and Tactic?  “Strategic Planning” is an oxymoron.  There is ‘Strategy’, the ‘what’ and ‘future’, and there is a ‘Plan’ or ‘Tactics’, the ‘how’ and ‘present’.

Strategy is the targeted end game, a desired outcome and some may simply state it as the primary objective.

The marketing strategies and tactics in this book, when implemented with diligence, have helped businesses just like yours make tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars…including your competitors.

It does not matter what industry or type of business you own.  What matters is that you grasp the core principles, the underlying lessons and strategies in this book that can help you grow any category of business.

Ron Hequet is confident this book is inspirational.  However, inspiration without a decision and a decision without execution is futile.  That’s what the 97% do.  They get what they have always gotten, because they continue to do what they have always not done.

If you execute the principles and strategies explained in this book, you will profitably grow your business.  You will make your business the obvious choice for customers when it comes to buying what you sell.

Tired of so called experts and sales trainers telling you how to run your business when they’ve never done it themselves?

As a consultant, speaker, and coach, Ron Hequet has helped clients across the United States achieve success.  His purpose in writing this book is to make a positive difference in your life.

Ron Hequet – Driven by Results…Guided by Experience

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November 4th, 2017

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