This is not a get-rich-quick book, but it will tell you how to be a millionaire in 3-7 years.
  1. You do not need a new idea (find how to pick the everyday business)
  2. You do not need your own money (find out how anyone can get the money they need)
  3.There is lots of FREE help and mentors (find out where the free help is)
This book can change your life or someone you love or care about. (7 Awards)
Twelve case studies of people who have done it.They are from all backgrounds, from people with graduate degrees to high school dropouts, and from yard guys to corporate professionals. The only thing they all have in common is that they’ve put $1,000,000 in the bank (or will shortly). Part I is about how to pick a tried and true business model that you know works, and then how to find the help you need to get started. Part II is about money: how to find it, how to spend it, and how to save it. Part III is about the basic sales and marketing skills critical to starting your business. Lastly, Part IV is about the personal skills critical to maintaining your business. You don’t have to stop at one business or $1,000,000. But this book is where you start.
The Awards
Gold Medal Best Business and Entrepreneur Book (Nonfiction Book Awards 2015)
Gold Medal Best Financial Book (Nonfiction Book Awards 2015)
Best Business Book (Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2016)  

1st Place Business Reference (Best Book Awards 2016)
1st Place Gold Medal Best Informational Book (Feathered Quill Book Awards 2016)
3rd Place Bronze Medal Best Self- Help Book (Feathered Quill Book Awards 2016)
Eric Hoffer Award Finalist (top 10%) (Eric Hoffer Awards 2016)

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November 24th, 2017

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    The premise is straightforward: you can take control of your life by starting a business and be a success. Michael delivers a minimum of “rah rah” and there’s no “sign right here for my upgraded course”. Instead, you’re treated to a series of heartfelt stories from people who have started their own businesses and succeeded. An important part is that they don’t skip over those crucial early phases and many of the stories are about near catastrophes where a bit of hard work or a…

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