Social media is not just a hobby. Today, whether we like it or not, we use social media to our thriving business in order to keep updated in our fast pace world. It is not just another form of connection for our friends, family, or acquaintances, but also for our work related purposes. People nowadays tend to depend so much on social media. A lot of teenagers, young adults and adults think that it is essential to own social media accounts. Most of us use it for amusement and reconnection for those who are apart from us. However, as time passes by, people have found out that they can use social media in terms of growing their money. You can use social media to boost your sales or business. A lot of people have been doing this, and so far they are making a block busting history. According to studies, Instagram has a total of 100 million active users, Twitter has over 135 million users, Youtube is about a billion users each month, and Facebook has more than 1.65 billion users monthly; if you look closely at this statistics, you will see that the number of users can actually help you grow your money. It is no secret that social media is the backbone of our marketing strategy. We can accommodate a lot of people to buy our products. Not only that, we can use social media to make marketing and advertising. Several users can also work from home and be a freelancer, where they earn money through the services they provide on the internet. The opportunities are limitless if you think about making use of social media in our career.

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September 10th, 2017

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