A practical guide to turning your love for boating into money in the bank

You may dream of making your passion for the sport a means for a livelihood. Whether you are looking for new employment possibilities or wanting to remain active in your golden years, Captain Brown can help turn your dreams of making money afloat into a reality.

Brown describes how to get a job on a boat or run a practical boat-based business, including fishing charters, excursions, dinner cruises, and water taxis. He also covers business issues, safety, marketing, liability, and Coast Guard licensing requirements. The author details the possible ups and downs and risks about running a boat-based business.

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October 27th, 2017

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  • John M. Beasley says:

    the economy has turned against the ideas presented in this book The book is starting to show its age. The charter business has changed a lot since the economic crash. That is not the books fault, but much of what is presented just won’t work in this economy. Having said that, I know a number of people who have used this book as the basis for their business model. A woman has a dinner ship and she and her Captain relied on this book for their business model. So, if you are a simple person, here is a book with a simple solution. Might work, it has worked for…

  • Peter T. Esty, Jr. says:


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