You’ll enjoy this motivational and easy way to learn the steps to starting and operating your own drone based business. “Make Money With Drones,” was written by a veteran pilot and aviation businessman who now owns and operates his own drone-based business.

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December 19th, 2017

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  • Thomas C Freeman says:

    Get your drone business off the ground with this informative book! If you have considered putting your drone to work as a commercial business you need this book! Patrick Shaub, author, covers two critical aspects of a drone business; considerations for setting up a business plus rules and regulations that every drone operator must abide (such as FAA Remote “drone” Pilot Certification via the FAA 333 Exemption process and the easier recently released Part 107 certification). The author’s experience as long-time manned rotor wing pilot and most recently…

  • Amazon Customer says:

    WORTHWHILE OWNING This book describes how to make your “Drone flying” a legal, safe, and profitable business.It is well written, and leads you from “why” through “how-to” in creating a legal and structured drone flying business to provide services to many companies and industries.It is an excellent reference book for becoming a certified Part 107 or Section 333 sUAS drone operator. Included are many worthwhile check lists, work sheets, relevant FAA references and regulations. The recommended…

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