As a freelance writer, you’re constantly looking for more clients, more writing gigs, and more money. You want to work from home without having to constantly hustle. Ghostwriting offers you all of this and more. Work From Home Doing Something You Love This book is for you if you’re a freelance writer and have hit an income ceiling. You’re tired of chasing low-paying gigs. You want to find more of the right clients. The gems in the rough. The kind of clients who challenge you and are a joy to work with. The ones who value you and your writing. If this sounds like you, then Make Money As A Ghostwriter is for you. Why Become a Ghostwriter If you have the patience to master it, ghostwriting can provide you with multiple four-figure clients. There are endless ghostwriting opportunities, if you know where to look for them. In this book, the authors share insider secrets that will help you break into the profitable ghostwriting niche. They share: * How to choose a type of writing and niche; * The five biggest sources of ghostwriting work; * Proven pitching strategies to help you score your first ghostwriting gig; * How to score $2,000 (and higher) projects by leveling up your skills; * Other strategies to diversify your freelance writing business. This is not a magic bullet. But if you’re prepared to put in the hours, it does work. Do you have what it takes? Sure, you could carry on as you are, continuing to hustle hard and earn just enough to get by. Or you could take a leap of faith and start your ghostwriting journey today. If you’re ready, grab your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

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February 4th, 2018

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    If you’re a writer of novellas, genre fiction, blog posts, articles, B2B products such as white papers or case studies or children’s books and would like to take on some bigger projects, ghostwriting books may be the answer. Sally Miller and Cruz Santana offer you the fast, practical mini-course on how to get clients, how to work with them successfully and what to expect of the entire process, from first conversation to delivered manuscript. As a professional book ghostwriter, this is the book…

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    The book is written by two ghostwriters who share their stories as well as tips on what they learned through their experience. This fairly short book has a lot of useful ideas, it is always best to learn from someone else mistakes and experiences.This book is aimed at people who have experience doing freelance writing of at least a year and looking for additional earning potential. Ghostwriting is a special type of freelance writing – it is writing for another person and for that…

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