Our work is about MUCH more than making money. We’re talking about true riches!

We’ve left God out of our businesses for so long that we’re beginning to believe that God and business are enemies, opposites, antonyms. But if God is truly concerned about our every thought, feeling and action, then we can acknowledge Him as we pursue being the best at what we do in our work.

Whether we believe it or not, God owns the organizations we work for and our individual work. “The Earth is the Lord’s and ALL it contains!” So why not enjoy it with Him?

In this lively and thought-provoking book, you’ll learn how to define success and what it means to be truly rich. You will be inspired to walk out your passion, live authentically, and make an impact. Buckle up as Mike Moore helps us learn to acknowledge God in all of our lives–especially in our businesses and personal relationships. Get ready to GET RICH!!!

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December 2nd, 2017

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