Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can boost your energy level, supercharge your immune system, and maximize your body’s healing power. Convenient and inexpensive, juicing allows you to obtain the most concentrated from of nutrition available from whole foods.

This A-Z guide shows you how to use nature’s bounty in the prevention and treatment of our most common health disorders. This accessible book gives complete nutritional programs for over 75 health problems, telling you which fruits and vegetables have been shown effective in combatting specific illnesses and why. Along with hundreds of delicious, nutrition-rich juicing recipes, this book provides dietary guidelines, and diet plans to follow in conjunction with your juicing regimen.

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November 3rd, 2017

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  • Leslie Mclea says:

    I LOVE THIS BOOK TOO I have several books at home that are alternative, and these books reference Cherie’s juicing books. I love it when Ican cross reference something three times, then I know my information is sound and I can proceed accordingly.Funny, I was interested in Juicing, and was talking with a neighbor, she happen to have this book. She let me borrow it, and I loved how it was sectioned off with the aliments then told you what juice to drink for that ailment. I gave her book back, and…

  • Ariel says:

    excellent resource & recipe book! The book has some outdated info (refers to anti-oxidants as ‘anutrients’) but the book was published in 1992, so give it a break! The book has all kinds of helpful & healthful tips and tidbits of advice, which I like when embarking on a new venture such as juicing. The book itself is in excellent condition (I bought a used copy). Not only does this book list specific conditions (from acne to water retention) but it also has solid, nutritional advice on possible nutrient deficiencies as well as…

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