Juice fasting can help to increase energy and improve mental alertness, lose weight, heal chronic ailments without drugs, and maintain stamina with no hunger. This book features quick and delicious juice recipes for fasting at home or work and is suitable for those with a busy lifestyle.

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November 14th, 2017

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  • RMV says:

    Juice fasting & detoxification book This is a great little book…it gives you all the information you will need to begin your own juice fast, including a juicer recommendation. I bought the mastification juicer it recommends from the mfr’s website and got a wheat grass kit included. Just this one (kinda’ expensive, but not too bad) juicer will replace my old centrifugal juice extractor (which was a pain to clean) and my food processor (also a pain to clean) for an extremely easy to clean new unit, as well as my entire approach…

  • M. J. Welcome says:

    Juice Fasting and Detoxification This book is simply marvelous! I have been struggling for years with my weight, acne, hair loss, and lack of energy. I decided to start fasting in order to cleanse my body from the toxic build up. Meyerowitz gave wonderful juice combinations that have helped me to stick to my…

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