Money, something so desired yet so misunderstood. Is money really the root of all evil? Well, no. Money is just an intermediate tool that’s used to measure wealth; it is virtual and therefore cannot be inherently good or bad. And what about the notion that the only way to acquire money is by putting in years and years of hard work? Well, that’s not true either. A lot of what determines a person’s ability to create or attract wealth is the way in which he or she thinks about money in the first place. Understanding the concept that there is nothing wrong with having the desire for money – and that you don’t have to grind yourself to exhaustion to get it – is the first step to attaining wealth. The reason why some people are wealthier than others is because these people really understand the concept of wealth, and are able to use their mindset and attitude to their own benefit. If you’re ready to be introduced to the concept of manifesting money through changing the way you think about it, let’s get started!

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August 30th, 2017

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  • Immanuel Carter says:

    The power of postive thinking The power of positive thinking has a definite role to play in every thing that we do whether we want to attract happiness, love and even wealth. This book contains a simple and well defined pathway to wealth and put forth in a manner that is achievable for any person willing to apply the plan and work for their life objectives. This book will also teach us to “reduce” our expenses, and work diligently towards making more money, while taking every opportunity you get to swell your…

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