Table of Contents Introduction Wood Lathe Important Decisions to Make Before Starting Your Sales: Pricing is Critical for Successful Sales: Making Money for a Living or Just Making Some Extra Cash: 1. Unique and innovative products sell! 2. Craft shows are a good opportunity for sellers: 3. Make money through teaching your skill to others: 4. Online portals are fast and easy ways to sell your creations: 5. Get connected with retailers and store operators: Prepare Your Workshop for Your Business Venture: 1. Preparation: 2. Sweep up around your lathe: 3. Clean and organize your turning and other tools 4. Organize your wood and off cuts: 5. Examining your tools: 6. Preparing your workshop for safety: Wood Turning for the Two Essential P’s: Passion and Profit The transformation from a hobbyist into a professional wood turner or worker: In general, there are three categories of wood turners in the market. They are: Make money after retirement: Some recommendations for turners working for profit: Bestselling Woodturning Projects Product selection is critical: Product demand is essential for success: Take ideas from various sources: Factors underlying the product selection: Current Categories of Wood Turning Projects: Bestselling Wood Turning Products in the Market: Simple wooden bowls: A dried fruit dish: Wooden candle holders: Handles or knobs for kitchen utensils: Serving trays: Clocks: Decorative items for any room: Wooden office utilities: Wooden rolling pins: Chop sticks, spoons and servers: Pens: Best Selling Wood Crafts to Make and Sell Woodcraft is ancient: Making wooden objects for profit: Some Product Categories to Work On: Children’s toys: Baby cradles and cribs: Bookcases: Picture frames: Boxes: Birdhouses: Blanket chests: Wooden spoons and ladles: Name plates and planters: Small wooden tables: Wooden stools: Wine stands and racks: Wooden arm chairs: Paper weights: Wooden tablet stands: Drawer organizers: Office trays: Wall shelves and racks: Wooden pots and planters: Final Thoughts about Transforming Your Wood Crafting Ideas and Turning a Hobby into a Money-Making Activity: 1.Attitude is everything: 2.Quality is everything: 3.Be optimistic: 4.It won’t happen overnight: 5.Maintain good supplier relations: 6.Pricing is critical: Best of Luck! Publisher

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January 27th, 2018

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