In a world where most products are manufactured by machines, Etsy offers an online platform for makers of handmade products and crafts to market and sell their goods to a vast network of buyers who demand unique, genuine products. To date, the site has attracted over 400,000 sellers who collectively have sold over 30 million items, generating more than $180.6 million in revenue. The only resource of its kind, How to Make Money Using Etsy–written by Tim Adam who has successfully been selling his products all over the world through his Etsy shop since 2007–guides readers step-by-step through the many stages of selling online. How-to topics include:

  • Establish your Etsy shop
  • Effectively photograph your products
  • Post your products to optimize visibility and increase sales
  • Brand your business
  • Use social media like blogs, Twitter, and Facebook to connect with buyers and grow your business

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  • John Wiley Sons

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December 12th, 2017

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  • Kari Esparza says:

    Made Me Think of My Etsy Store In a Whole New Way I’ve been selling knitted items on Etsy for over a year now, but only recently started getting serious about it. Sales have come in, but they are slow. I wanted to do something to get more buyers. It’s just that Etsy has grown to be so big now, unless you’re luckly enough to be featured on the main page, your store can get buried (and mine was buried). So, I bought this book and also …

  • Deborah Price says:

    Didn’t help me but maybe others… If you are wanting to set up an Etsy shop, this book would be very helpful. If you already have an Etsy shop, you can get much of this information through their newsletters. I’m not very good with computers and I had my shop up and running in no time. Sales have been great following the advice in the newsletters. I really expected this book to give me more ideas to link different social sites to my Etsy shop. The section on Facebook was useless. The pictures he has you refer to are too…

  • Michelle Dunn says:

    Very helpful to newbies I wanted to start an Etsy store for my art, but had no idea how to use Etsy. I ordered this book for some information and guidance. I found this book to be very helpful, I took notes when I was reading it and just marked pages so I could go back to my computer and put all the suggestions to use. For example, information about how to take your pictures, how to set up your shipping and handling, how to use Teams and groups to help promote your store, and everything you need to get up and…

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