Today there is opportunity like never before to earn a great income in the towing industry. Towing Veteran and Industry Expert Don Archer has spent years researching income generating methods to find the simplest and most profitable opportunities to build a towing business. This guide focuses on steps you can take today to increase your business tomorrow. Don lays out the strategies and the philosophy he has used to achieve sales in excess of $1 million dollars, year after year. While the core of this book discusses providing great service, to be successful, you must go far beyond that. You’ll learn who your best customers are and where to find them. You’ll learn what motivates customers to buy (and it’s not the lowest rate). And you’ll learn how to use competition to gain customers. Beyond that here is just a fraction of what’s revealed inside. …What motor clubs are and how to make them work for you …A current motor club list …A step by step plan detailing how to get repair shop referrals …How to use the competition to your advantage …Detailed plan of action for getting on police rotation …And you’ll learn what kind of referrals are best and how to keep them coming You’ll also learn how to expand your customer base by: …Always placing your customer first. …Telling the truth no matter the circumstances …Becoming a valuable member of the community …Understanding the importance of being pleasant in all interactions. …The importance of not trying to make everybody happy. …And how to use Google combined with traditional advertising to gain a marked advantage over the competition.

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September 22nd, 2017

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  • steven grybko says:

    Must read book for anyone in the towing business Being that I will be entering the business soon, it was great to gain the perspective and insight of Don, who has been there and done that. I also learned invaluable tools to work with motor clubs and I was dreading that part of the business. After reading Don’s book, I began to gain confidence and develop many strategies that will aid my business involved in motor club transactions. I will be ordering another one of Don’s books in the next 2 weeks and can hardly wait for the input I will gain…

  • Anonymous says:

    The book is not very in depth but it does hit some important topics but it is a good investment. My take on this book is that it is a great place to get some objectives nailed down and a great place to begin your research on the towing/recovery business. I have spoken to Don Archer the author, also. He is a genuine guy who really listens and encourages a potential entrepreneur gives great wisdom and advice, asking me a lot of questions and getting you to think about the things that are most…

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