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Wouldn’t you like to escape the hectic pace of modern life and enjoy a worry-free, self-reliant lifestyle? A lifestyle where your family shares lasting memories of living self-sufficiently instead of being slaves to digital devices and traffic jams. Whether you hope to move to the country or simply stay closer to the city, this book will show you:

  • How to create streams of self-sufficient and passive income wherever you are
  • That you can live a vibrant, healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself and your family
  • How you can get out of debt just as others did on their path to self-sufficiency
  • The 23 Critical Questions to ask before buying rural property
  • That you can insulate yourself from financial collapse and SHTF doomsday scenarios
  • How to retire happy and use homesteading as the NEW retirement plan

Featuring profiles of 18 homesteaders and farmers who share intimate stories of their own journeys toward a healthier, freer, more fulfilling lifestyle, this book provides actionable ideas that you can use to achieve your dream of self-sufficiency.From how others got out of debt, to what to consider before buying land, to the critical steps to take when setting up a sustainable homestead or farmstead business, this book details the strategies that will save you money, generate income and put you on the path to self-sufficiency.Read How to Make Money Homesteading TODAY, and be sure to check out my newest book, START PREPPING!

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  • How to Make Money Homesteading So You Can Enjoy a Secure Self Sufficient Life

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October 11th, 2017

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