Why buy rural land over other real estate investments? Is there a rationale used for buying rural

land properties? Should we buy raw land because it is scarce or because of other factors? This book covers

these issues and popular myths including, but not limited to:

Myth 1: All Real estate equity is important including rural land property.

Realty 1: Equity is an ILLUSION and it doesn’t matter when we concern ourselves with rural land and

servicing a need for people to live. Cash flow is more important.

Myth 2: Buy land including rural land because it is scarce. This is a no brainer.

Realty 2: For rural land, it depends on several factors including access, layout of property, location, development

potential, and price.

Myth 3: Price of the property is the most important part of any real estate purchase including rural land.

Realty 3: Althought important, price only accounts for 20 percent of the overall analysis.

Myth 4: Intelligence is the most important trait needed to succeed in the rural land property business.

Realty 4: From personal experience, Persistence, Patience, and People(People skills) are more important.

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  • How to Make Money from Rural Land Property A How to Guide to Generate Monthly Income Finding Profitable Rural Residential Properties

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December 11th, 2017

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  • Anonymous says:

    To say this book is detailed is to do it injustice. I have known Nick personally and was looking forward to this book. I got it on my Kindle and went through it in a couple of days. It’s very detailed oriented, knowing Nick I didn’t expect anything else. I think this is a great book to understand the basics of rural estate investing and I really liked both the baseball analogy and the point system. Although it’s for rural land but I think some of them can be easily translated to any real estate…

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