What if you could save $20,000 each year by simply asking for it? What if you could save even more money by keeping your ears and eyes open for the opportunities you encounter every day and remembering to smile? Steven Hoffman, MSF, has developed strategies and honed their execution over the past twenty years and refined them with eight years of financial management education. He’s now sharing them with you so that you may improve your financial health each day, little by little. Steven will help you identify money-saving opportunities when talking with airlines, shopping for products or services, taking-on mobile phone carriers or even picking-up your morning coffee to name a few. He also has a fresh take on the “art of couponing”! Steven then teaches you how to leverage and negotiate the situation to put money in your pocket. Still skeptical? Well then consider this: consumers rule the market more than ever because they have a loud and influential voice amplified by technology. Businesses are listening! From comment sections on company websites, Twitter posts, customer reviews and Facebook proclamations, you have the power. The power to tell the world about the extra 20% you saved on a new appliance by asking for it or the ability to share the story of a rude airline representative after a canceled flight due to mechanical issues. Armed with Steven’s proven tips and empowered with technology, you now have the resources to save–and sometimes earn–more money.

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December 20th, 2017

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