Huge fortunes can be amassed by holding real estate for the long term-up to 20 or 30 or years in some cases. Yet most people don’t have the luxury of time and need cash to cover their day-to-day expenses. To that end, nationally renowned real estate expert Ron LeGrand has developed a method of buying real estate to generate cash that he calls “quick turning.” Over the past 15 years, he has bought and sold more than a thousand properties for fast-cash profit using the method. In How to Be a Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire: Make Fast Cash with No Money, Credit, or Previous Experience, LeGrand shares this system for building long-term wealth. With wit and wisdom, he outlines four main categories of “quick-turn” transactions: retailing, wholesaling, assumptions, and lease/options. He helps readers understand which type of transaction is appropriate for their specific cash flow goals, and he reveals how-to secrets that real estate investors, and wannabe investors, can use to:
* Get rich on fixer-uppers without lifting a hammer.
* Find motivated sellers.
* Negotiate win-win deals.
* Sell houses fast.
* Succeed while others fail.

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July 9th, 2017

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  • Rando says:

    Tigers are the last to starve in the Jungle I have an e-book copy of this book that I’ve read and profited from, but I like a hard copy and will read it again maybe several more times. I have used Ron’s techniques to make some serious money. The method I most embrace is wholesaling Real Estate.This month I have closed on 4 deals, 3 for $5,000 and one for $12,500I have made 3 trips to a tropical island with my family where I own a house with 5 acres and these are extended vacations of 4 months each. All paid for from Real…

  • Terry McManus says:

    A Gem Of A Read

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