House flipping is a Cinderella story that goes like this: One day, you’re down on your luck. Then, along comes a real-estate fairy godmother. She graciously endows you with the secrets of house-flipping success. Then, just like magic, you find the perfect house, make your first deal, and are off to the bank with your lucrative “happily ever after.”

If only! In reality, there’s no magic formula or shortcut to success—and while flipping houses can be very profitable, there are many pitfalls and perils awaiting the unprepared. Author and investor Allan Szlafrok learned this the hard way, and now he wants to save you the trouble.

His new book, How Not to Make Money in Real Estate, is an honest, informative guide that explains exactly what not to do when rehabbing homes. Szlafrok offers a slew of entertaining (if alarming) firsthand accounts that will make you laugh even while they arm you against potential trouble.

Learn about the risks of vandalism, illegal property modifications, and unreliable contractors. The more you know, the readier you’ll be to deal with whatever happens. Szlafrok’s insights and advice will let you skip all those costly rookie mistakes and start making a mint.

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October 25th, 2017

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