Understand the ins and outs of today’s surprisingly versatile bond marketplace.

. As stocks continue their roller-coaster ride, nervous investors will be looking at bonds. FUNDAMENTALS OF THE BOND MARKET gives you the tools you need to master this complex market so you can diversify your portfolio, and get reliable income and safety of principal. Author Esme Faerber has packed this guide with examples, quizzes, checklists, and plain-English explanations to enhance your understanding of everything from the basics of buying and selling to bond ratings, government and international securities, call and convertible features, portfolio management, and more..

. Before you risk money in real-time trading, let this hands-on tool bring you up to speed on:.

*Three steps that determine the best bond mutual fund for any investor.
*Corporate, Municipal, Convertible and Zero-Coupon Bonds – which to buy for individual portfolios.
*Treasury securities – how and why to invest in T-bills, notes, and bonds.
*Tips of the Trade – techniques to calculate yields, buy and sell different types of bonds, and more

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September 23rd, 2017

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