In 25 years of counseling couples, Dr. Neil Clark Warren discovered that marriages most often fail because people simply choose the wrong person to marry. In this Gold Medallion award-winner, an 11-month Christian Booksellers Association bestseller, Dr. Clark shares ten proven principles for finding the perfect mate.

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October 27th, 2017

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  • Gordon W. Watts says:

    I purchased many copies of this book to give to pastor friends who want to save marriages… It is a little “jesus – y” at times, but besides that it really gives you great advice like little things you have not thought of. The book jokes about how you should have similar interests. Even what temperature the house should be! It was cute and just what I needed after a breakup to lift my spirits and see wat was wrong and right with my past relationsips. I never even considered to look for some of the traits listed in this book.The best part is this book gives you a…

  • Anonymous says:

    Back when I found myself divorced and single, I told myself two things: I’d like to marry again some day, and I would do my best to follow God’s way in finding the love of my life. This book was recommended by our leader of a Christian singles group. It sounded good, so I bought a copy. It became my Bible for courtship. Eventually, I did find the love of my life, and we’ve had a good marriage going on fifteen years. I always recommend this book to my Christian friends who are looking for that…

  • Anonymous says:

    After having read this book, I feel that this is *THE* best book on prevention (which is better than cure) of ‘bad’ marriages! Therefore, I went to Amazon here and purchased MANY copies of Dr. Neil Clark Warren’s book, “Finding the Love of Your Life: Ten Principles for Choosing the Right Marriage Partner,” –and given it to many church leaders whom I know –and with good reason:Dr. Warren, PhD. and Christian Psychologist/Author, was a dean of Fuller Theological Seminary’s…

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