Massive numbers of 50-plus baby boomers will be retiring in the next few years. How will they finance that retirement? This practical guide presents an often overlooked but commonsense solution. Expert David Reindel argues persuasively for the preservation of assets, rather than a risk-prone obsession with the accumulation of them. Crucial to this process, he explains, is the humble annuity. Why have these time-honored investment tools generated so much negative attention in recent years? Don’t Die Broke details the financial industry’s misrepresentations of the annuity, and how — set up and managed correctly — it can offer the most reliable income source for boomers in this era of economic uncertainty. This book is both a clear-minded analysis of the forces that have led us to the present calamity and a reassuring roadmap to a more secure future.

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September 17th, 2017

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  • Geoff Stuart says:

    Worthless Drivel I never returned a book to Amazon. But I did return this one because it’s worthless. Instead of giving the reader valuable lessons in how to analyze and select an annuity, Reindel spends 191 pages bragging about his unimpeachable ethics and trying to defend annuity sales practices. Evidently he is on a mission to try to redeem the dented reputation of annuity salespeople and the industry as a whole, and maybe his own in the process. He would have us believe that there’s a “Quiet Revolution”…

  • Spongy Bob says:

    Annuities made understandable and less fearsome. If you do not have a generous pension and long term care insurance–If you need to provide for a surviving spouse or dependent child–If you need a way to protect the your nest egg. READ THIS BOOK!! The book is necessarily long as a comprehensive introduction to annuities as uniquely useful in retirement and beyond. Annuities are given short shrift in most business schools. WHY? Stocks and bonds are regulated by the SEC while annuities are regulated as insurance by the states. The SEC…

  • Mark J. Orr says:

    A good basic overview of annuities I’m not a big fan of annuities, but for many retirees they dohave a place – at least they should be compared with othersafe financial alternatives.Since the book was written, much has changed in the fixedand indexed annuity world. Index caps have gotten MUCH lowerand like CD’s fixed interest rates have also come way down too.With both of those occurrences, “guaranteed lifetime incomeriders” are the real selling point today for those…

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