Bestselling authors Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen are back following their mega-hit The One Minute Millionaire with new strategies to generate cash quickly.

Right now, everyone needs trusted, proven, practical advice and techniques for making money fast. In Cash in a Flash, two of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country show readers how to use the skills and resources they already have to generate permanent and recurring streams of income—all in 90 days or less.

Using their bestselling “two-books-in-one” formula, Hansen and Allen combine prescriptive information for developing the millionaire mindset and building wealth on left-hand pages, with the continuation of the inspiring fictional story of Michelle from The One Minute Millionaire on the right-hand pages.

In this much-anticipated and timely sequel, Hansen and Allen provide a revolutionary approach to financial freedom—now.

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July 10th, 2017

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  • Monica M. Jones says:

    Money Starts with Your Mind, Your Heart and Your Team Cash in a Flash was an amazing read that reiterated some common themes that I have found across all books that talk about acquiring wealth. Those themes include how you think, following your passion and building a dream team. I was glad that it continued the story of Michelle, from the first book, “The One Minute Millionaire.” If I had to compare the two books though, I would say that the first one was better.My biggest take away from this book was that it is important to form a…

  • Anonymous says:

    This book is right on target. The book takes a very whole person perspective, and starts with how we think and feel. This approach helps to explain how two people with almost identical backgrounds, education, and training can have very different outcomes in their financial endeavors. One fails, because of the stories he tells himself about money, success, and his own abilities – some of these stories come from his parents and friends. The other succeeds, because she tells herself very…

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