Do you have a book, film, music CD or art project you want to create but lack the money to bring your dreams to life? Let America’s Money Archaeologists Tom L. Schneider and Lindy Schneider help you find the money you need. Tom and Lindy will show you how to tap into three powerful money sources to kickstart your creative career. First, they’ll show you how to find money you already have but didn’t know about. Second, they’ll reveal how you can make some fast money by using what you already know. Finally, they will guide you step by step through setting up a crowdfunding campaign that will encourage people to give you the money you need to see your creative dreams come to life. They will also show you which steps to avoid so you become a crowdfunding success story. Don’t let money keep you from blessing the world with your creative gifts. Cash for Creatives: Found Money, Fast Money, Free Money is unlike any other book for creatives on the market today. Learn the secrets and make your mark! “A great resource for any kind of artist.”

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December 16th, 2017

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