Whether you want to make an extra $100 a month or an extra $10,000, the high-level process is the same: Someone has to buy what you’re selling. The money has to come from somewhere, right? (Hint: it comes from customers.) Sadly, there’s an epidemic going around. The reason most entrepreneurs, wantpreneurs, and side hustlers fail is a lack of customers. If you’ve ever failed in your own efforts to start a business or earn money on the side, I’m guessing that was the root cause. On top of that, you’re in a constant battle of not having enough hours in the day and you don’t know where to focus your limited time, energy, and money. That’s the bad news.

The Answer

The good news is you have more opportunity today to earn income in your spare time than ever before. And you don’t need a killer new business idea or millions of dollars in startup capital to do it. The good news is there isn’t a shortage of customers. They’re out there! This book will share specifics on how to increase your earning power–on your own time, on your own terms, and without getting another job. We’ll look at real-life examples of people just like you making it happen. I’m going to arm you with dozens of income-generating ideas that don’t require a ton of time or money to get started. And spoiler alert: there are no get-rich-quick schemes inside. Instead, you’ll learn proven strategies for tapping into the growing peer-to-peer economy to supplement your income, diversify your revenue sources, and reduce your reliance on your day job for your livelihood.

Go Where the Cash Is Already Flowing

Buy Buttons focuses on marketplaces that already exist, where you can put your expertise, time, and assets up for sale or rent. There are hundreds of platforms that you can add your “buy buttons” to. You don’t have to build a customer base from scratch, design a website, or even worry about payment processing. Each platform already has an eager audience of buyers looking for what you have to sell. Not sure what to sell? In the 300+ platforms featured inside, you’re bound to find an idea or two that’s a fit. These platforms are the “gateway drugs” of entrepreneurship. They’re easy to get started on, to get the high from your first sale, and to keep coming back for more.

Does It Really Work?

I’ve used the same “buy buttons” marketplace strategy over and over again for the last 15 years as an entrepreneur. Even more exciting, thousands of SideHustleNation.com readers and Side Hustle Show listeners just like you are already seeing results by implementing the strategies in this book. The common thread is they set up their businesses on pre-existing platforms that made it easy for buyers to find them and spend money with them. This book will show you exactly where and how to set up your “buy buttons” to generate hundreds or thousands of dollars a month in side income.

My Guarantee

I guarantee you’ll find at least one “buy button” platform that you can use to generate your own job-free income stream. If you don’t, just send me a note (my contact info is at the end of the book), and I’ll buy the book back from you, no questions asked. Now, where else are you going to find a deal like that? Ready? Hit the Buy Now button and let’s get started!

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July 24th, 2017

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  • Joseph Hogue, CFA says:

    Best resource for making money online on side hustles or full-time passive income Huge resource for anyone that wants to make a little extra cash or wants to build their own side hustle income stream. It’s a little intimidating at first because there are so many different ways. Read it all the way through first to get a big picture view of each and then dive into two or three resources, reading the sections again.It’s obvious Nick has been doing this for a long time in the detail he goes to for each passive income stream. There were a couple of the ways to make…

  • Don The Idea Guy says:

    Selling to crowds interested in buying is a lot easier than trying to convince uninterested individuals! I really enjoyed this book, primarily from the fact it’s filled with current examples and real-life case studies of people having success earning a little (or a lot!) of side money using existing marketplaces open to pretty much anyone.Author Nick Loper has collected the strategies and resources NOT from third-party re-tellings, but from hundreds of hours of time spent interviewing the featured entrepreneurs and “Side Hustlers” on his award-winning podcast “Side Hustle…

  • trarol says:

    This was a quick and easy read that’s full of information to help you take your side hustle to the next level! This was a quick and easy read that’s full of information to help you take your side hustle to the next level (or start a new one). I’ve been listening to Nick for about 3 years now on his podcast: The Side Hustle Show. When I read this book, it was almost like getting cliff notes to a ton of episodes. I loved that he included links and bonuses in every chapter. There are even a few side hustles I might add to my list of many. It took me about 4 hours to read (I’m a skimmer) the book. Once you…

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