Book More Business: Make Money Speaking is the definitive guide on the business of speaking. It offers everything you need to know for jump-starting your speaking business or taking an already-successful speaking business to the next level. At the core of these lessons? The imperative to make money speaking.

Lois Creamer contends that even if you have the most interesting and important message in the world, it will go unheard if you don’t have a platform. Book More Business: Make Money Speaking illustrates how to get that platform and how to be well paid for your work.

Discover how to:
• Develop a powerful positioning statement that describes you by concept and outcome
• Identify target markets and find the decision-makers who will hire you
• Leverage social media to find prospects and attract followers
• Utilize additional revenue streams to complement your speaking income

If you’re a professional speaker (or you’d like to be) and you need a practical strategy for booking more business and making more money speaking, this book was written for you.

What Others are Saying About Book More Business: Make Money Speaking

“If you asked me to name the one person who could help you build a speaking business, only one person would come to mind, and that is Lois Creamer.” –Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE

“A must read and Lois Creamer is a must-have resource in your business.” –Scott McKain, CSP, CPAE

“Consider this book your personal coach for moving your career into high gear.” –Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE

“Be prepared to watch both your joy and your success escalate!” –Glenna Salsbury, CSP, CPAE

“My bank account, heart, and creative focus rely on her wisdom based fairy dust.” –Jessica Pettitt, CSP

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July 21st, 2017

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  • joelheffner says:

    Learn from THE expert on booking speaking gigs! When it comes to public speaking there are many experts who can teach you techniques needed to speak effectively. However, that doesn’t get you booked to speak. THE expert that pro speakers go to to learn how to Book More Business is…Lois Creamer. Lois has helped the best speakers and this book can help you, from newbie to pro. Her tips are practical and can be implemented immediately. If you know how to speak, or are learning to speak, and now want to make money with your ability read this…

  • Amazon Customer says:

    Brilliant for Seasoned Professionals Too This is the bible of booking business for speakers. I bought Lois Creamer’s book because of her sterling reputation inside the National Speakers Association and my desire to support a fellow speaker. As a professional speaker myself, I know a lot about getting booked. Yet, after reading just the first couple sections of the book, I changed my approach on a call, and received the warmest reception I could have ever imagined from a Gate-keeper, who has since bridged a connection with the decision…

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