“After studying the markets for 20+ years, I have come down to these 7 patterns as the key predictors of direction, in any market . . .if you confirm your entries with these simple patterns, you’ll be light years ahead of the average investor.”-Ed Downs, CEO and Founder,OmniTrader by Nirvana SystemsIt’s a fact: The most successful traders use technical analysis and chart patterns almost exclusively. Why? Because chart patterns work. They consistently-and accurately-help determine when to get in and out of the market for maximum profit-taking and loss avoidance. But which patterns should you use? Which are the most effective?OmniTrader founder Ed Downs now reveals the 7 best choices in his concise, powerful new booklet. Downs cuts to the chase, paring the list down to the most potent, consistently on-target chart patterns you need to know-whether you’re an active trader or occassional investor.Plus-Downs shares simple, surefire steps for…- Determining market direction- Recognizing-and benefiting from-winning chart patterns- Mastering money management techniques-including setting Profit Targets, Stop Loss levels and Risk:Reward ratios for every trade- Making Support & Resistance, Trendlines, Gaps, Fibonacci Retracements-and other amazing technical analysis tools easy to implementIt’s a compact, to-the-point guide from the award-winning OmniTrader developer.

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October 18th, 2017

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  • gadawson says:

    Simple but Sublime

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree whole-heartedly with the writer above who stated that this book is simple but gets right to the point. These are the basics, of course you want to build on it by reading other books, but you will rarely find this much helpful imforation in so few pages. (While curious about his software (Omni-trader) I don’t think I would leave Tradstation for anything else.)I’ve read hundreds of books on trading and sometimes I have to put everything aside and review the basics and this book is quick…

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