Whether you are an amateur photographer or just learning how to use your camera, you can make money taking photos AND build a name for yourself at the same time! Each page of this handy book is stuffed with secrets for how to make money no matter what type of photography you enjoy. Your mind will be racing with ideas after reading this book, but hurry — professional photographers didn’t want this information getting out because of the increased competition they’re going to face from you! Make money taking pictures and create your own photography job on the side or full-time. You won’t look back.

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  • 101 Ways to Make Money Taking Photos Learn How to Get Paid for Pictures and Create Your Own Photography Job

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December 14th, 2017

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  • Ryan says:

    Enjoyable Read! After being cemented with some volunteer non-paying photography jobs that were bringing me absolutely nowhere as far as making money goes (people asked me take pictures of there kids, etc…), I knew I needed to find a way out. I was always under the impression that if you wanted a job doing something like photography you had to know someone that could sort of get you into the industry, whether it be hiring you at there store or something else. 101 Ways to Make Money Taking Photos definitely…

  • Gil says:

    My head is racing with ideas after reading this Who knew, right? I love photography and I dare say I’m quite good at it. Recently I’ve been fiddling with the idea to make some money out of my passion.And this book came to me just in time. 101 ideas to make money from simple things I can do tomorrow to building a full business (which will probably take some time).I’m inspired and my head’s racing with ideas. With a couple of ideas from this book I might even be able to turn my hobby into a full time income.I…

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