Selling Options on Tech Stocks is One of the Best Ways to Regularly Take Money Out of the Market

As an individual investor who has finally realized that there is no HOLY GRAIL to tech investing, I’m intrigued by options premium and volatility. It’s reassuring for me to know that there are great ways to take money out of the market on a regular basis, and that’s what I’ve included here. Right up there with the power of dividend stocks, selling options on tech stocks (covered calls, cash-secured puts, and credit spreads) always feels like a smart way to leverage my investments in ways that the institutional traders can.

Those old trader sayings tell us: “be the casino, not the gambler”… or “be the landlord, not the tenant…” That’s the power of selling options. Turn your investments into an option-selling income generator. But if you prefer to keep your technology stocks, you can use regular options sales to reduce your cost basis, eventually even creating holdings that have been fully paid for.

Here’s a short, actionable book by an individual investor for other individual investors — showing some real examples from current option prices. These are NOT trade ideas, but rather strategies for you to apply to your technology stock and options trading research. Get your copy today.

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July 20th, 2017

Posted In: Income Strategies

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