Uncover the newest profit opportunities in today’s bond marketplace!

The Strategic Bond Investor explains how to maximize your investing returns with bonds—one of the few reliable and stable investments left standing after all the economic chaos. Senior vice president and portfolio manager at PIMCO, Anthony Cescenzi provides an aggressive yet risk-conscious approach you can easily build into your overall trading strategy in the fixed-income market.

Completely updated to address the realities of an unpredictable economy, The Strategic Bond Investor includes new sections on the parallels between the credit and bond markets, the power of the New Fed, and ways to navigate the massive price fluctuations of the post-credit-crisis markets. In addition, you’ll find:

  • Detailed description of different bond types
  • Concrete data on how each one performs in various environments
  • Key economic reports on how market factors like the credit crisis affect bond movements 
  • Techniques for forecasting the Fed’s next move—so you can stay a step ahead of changing interest rates 
  • Ways of using the yield curve and other indicators to predict the direction of the markets and the economy

The Strategic Bond Investor is a fully rounded education on bond investing, providing you with the know-how for safe, dependable investing now—and well into the future.

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July 9th, 2017

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  • Jaymel says:

    complements Thau

  • Florida FTW! says:

    Vital information, but this is not a light read By far the best introduction to bonds is Annette Thau’s The Bond Book. But Thau makes no attempt to explain why the price of a given bond fluctuates over time. Crescenzi, one of the most frequently cited of the legion of professional Fed watchers, tries to make up this deficiency, describing the impact of Fed moves, market perceptions of the state of the economy, the supply of new issues, etc. on bond prices.But Crescenzi has a much more ambitious agenda. He explains how the…

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