Right now, people are more afraid than ever about their financial security, and that translates into overworked corporate cultures, eyes bleeding from exhausted entrepreneurs, and the ever popular “no time for dreaming, so give up now” mindset. Somehow, we got a bit lost in the creation of our dreams and bought off on the scary belief that money is hard to come by, there isn’t enough for everyone, and income, work, and happiness are not words that belong in the same sentence. What if there was an easier and more sustainable path to creating the business wealth you have always dreamed of? Well, there is and it isn’t actions plans, sales funnels, budgets and hard work. Those are important, but they are not the most important. The path to this financial success dwells within you and yes, it is spiritual. The Spiritual Practices of Creating Income takes you from the belief that creating success is hard, stressful and exhausting, to the belief that creating success and being happy and prosperous is your birthright. The Spiritual Practices of Creating Income you will also learn: 1. The four Entrepreneurial Consciousness: Creative, Competitive, Contracted and Can’t. Plus tools to change and upgrade your consciousness to acheive ultimate success. 2. Dynamic business frameworks such as The Three Wealth Chambers of the Business Heart and your business’ Prosperity Pyramid. 3. The three lies that we buy off on that keep us from aligning with the truth of what our prosperity is! 4. 15 pages of exercises and tools to implement into the dream life business plan for your success. We are a culture that feels we have to sacrifice everything and leverage not only our bank accounts, but our emotional and spiritual reservoirs as well, it is time to change that. The Spiritual Practices of Creating Income is a new type of business book for a new type of business world.

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October 21st, 2017

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    I was blessed to attend a workshop this past summer where Susan presented this information, and I have been eagerly awaiting the book. In the meantime I have been doing many of the activities, she suggests in the “toolkit” section of the book, and they are transformational. Viewing my business through the lens of her prosperity pyramid, business heart and her version of the 80/20 rule has been life-changing.Reading the book last night, helped me identify the last few…

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