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The definitive options trading strategy for risk-adverse investors seeking substantial monthly income.

• OPTION TRADE SCREENER STRATEGY for Identifying and Managing High-Probability, Reduced-Risk Trades
“The Monthly Income Machine” is NOT just another book defining option terms & general strategies. Instead it provides a detailed, income-oriented blueprint specifying exact trade entry & management rules for locating ideal bull put and bear call spread candidates

The trading technique targets a ROI of up to 4-8% per month through systematic trade identification criteria and trade management guidelines.

Purchase of “The Monthly Income Machine” includes registration for receiving – at no added cost – Lee’s ongoing series of alerts & tips, a user FORUM, and ongoing, personal, one-on-one coaching regarding any reader questions.

In addition to the many User Reviews posted here, highly regarded investment gurus offer their comments about Lee’s acclaimed monthly stock options income technique:

“…I have always found his market knowledge, and willingness to share it, very valuable. His new book, “Monthly Income Machine,” confirms that judgment … his unique income strategy, explained in a way that virtually any investor can understand.”

   Martin D. Weiss, Editor
   Money and Markets

“Lee Finberg has produced an invaluable guide. Employing these strategies consistently can be very profitable on an ongoing basis.”

  Adrian Day
   Adrian Day Asset Management
   Money Management and Newsletter

Product Features

  • Step-by-step guide to risk-adverse monthly income investing with options.
  • Pro-secrets of investing for up to 8-10% per MONTH.
  • Specific “rules” for trade entry criteria and position management.
  • Shows investors how to seek profit from the market with minimal risk.
  • Book owner also receives FREE one-on-one “mentoring” bu author and ongoing series of “white paper” how-to articles.

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July 7th, 2017

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  • Amazon Customer says:

    The Monthly Income Machine, one of the safest methods for obtaining a consistent suplemental monthly income. I liked the book very much because it describes a very conservative and safe method for entering into both Bull Put and Bear Call credit spreads on several well known underlying stocks, indexes and ETFs. If the entry rules described in the book and “white papers” written by its author are followed to the letter, the system allows the average investor or trader to attain a high percentage of successful credit spreads trades month after month, with a minimum of 0.25 credit points per…

  • Amazon Customer says:

    so not really a new “fad” but a proven system that makes a lot of smart people happy today and have in the past Somebody here said the book was overpriced. I totally disagree. It’s less than $100. Where would you find a complete training course on how to make consistent living working a couple of hours a day from your home for that price?The book in itself teaches you a strategy about trading options that I have seen before, so not really a new “fad” but a proven system that makes a lot of smart people happy today and have in the past. However, what’s really different from the other…

  • A. E. Jones says:

    and I am glad this is where I started my journey I chose this book to learn iron condors, and I am glad this is where I started my journey. The author, Lee, explains the strategy clearly, and most importantly explains what to do when thing go awry. His careful trade selection and adjustment methods help to increase the probability of success, while mitigating losses. While looking at this book, I took a couple of Udemy classes on iron condors to hopefully improve my understanding, and was not impressed. The other authors did not cover trade…

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