The whole Millionaire Trader series, now offered as a bundle!

This is a compilation of the Millionaire Trader series books by Cameron Lancaster. We have compiled the set and offered it at a nice discount to buying all three books. Note that the content is the same from each book previously published.

Each book occupies a niche that helps a different kind of investor achieve their goals. How to Beat the Market is Mr. Lancaster’s advice on stock investing using solid, research based methods to achieve superior returns. How to Make a Million Dollars Trading Options is an edited and repackaged compilation of a series of emails between Mr. Lancaster and a multimillionaire options trader. The Passive Income Playbook offers advice on alternative investments, which we believe offer a better risk/reward for a sizeable minority of investors.

Each book offers a different approach to building wealth through investing and trading. While the approaches are different, the methods outlined in each book are all backed by decades of research and have strong expected and prior returns. By presenting all three approaches we hope that you find the best solution for you. Click on the cover to look inside!

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July 17th, 2017

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