The High-Income Mortgage Originator

“The authors have produced a comprehensive guide to becoming a successful mortgage originator. The book will benefit both the entry-level and seasoned originator.”
—Anthony N. Gugliotti, Vice President, Naugatuck Savings Bank

“The High-Income Mortgage Originator is a must-read for anyone starting out in the industry or changing careers. I found that the book clearly illustrated the necessary information, skills, and knowledge needed, complete with forms and tools, to get started in the business. More importantly, the authors emphasized the service side of the mortgage business, which would greatly benefit someone just starting out.”
—Mary Sue Cavanagh, Executive Director, EntrepreneursNOW, Inc.

“The author writes step-by-step procedures in detail, spelling out regulations and including forms. Key communication skills and operating practices are explained throughout the text. This book truly will provide a business opportunity for readers who take it seriously!”
—Byron Eddy Waterman, EdD, Connecticut Adult Education System

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August 2nd, 2017

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  • JC says:

    Average sales book with valuable mortgage reference material I was hoping to find special strategies here for exceeding normal sales targets using systems, special methods, or tools unique to the loan industry. This book is part “sales 101” and part “mortgage 101”. The high income mortgage originators I know make 8-10 times as much as the average originator. I am curious to know, what do these originators do differently?With 10 years of sales experience in other fields, I expected to find lead generation, pipeline management, sales…

  • Edward Q. Nigma says:

    extremly helpful and well written

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