This revised edition covers a range of issues in the field of fixed-income options, including portfolio and trading strategies, valuing securities and embedded options, and risk control tool with option features. Option characteristics, contracts and pricing are provided, and the text also covers trading, hedging and arbitrage.

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October 13th, 2017

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  • M. B. Scheinbaum says:

    Dust off your Ph.d and Try to Decipher the Options Market An executive I respect felt that this book by one of his old professors would give great insight to Foreign Currency Option Stategies. As more of a fundamental analyst than a technician I was mostly lost. I struggled through a master’s and most of a doctorate, but statistics was always a pain. Beware that advanced mathematical underpinnings are crucial to the enjoyment of the book. For the amateur who wants to understand why rocket scientists (for real) are hired from Cal Poly and MIT to run…

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