A trader’s dream: While he sits with a cool beer on the beach, his computer breeds money by automated trading. Can this actually work? Answer: It depends.   This textbook provides the fundamentals for developing and testing algorithmic trading systems. In recent years, the author and his team have developed more than 400 such systems for institutes and private traders. He knows all the tricks and traps, and explains in detail the methods to develop successful trading systems, to test them properly, and to find out beforehand under which conditions they work and when they fail. Examples of such systems are presented with new, partially unpublished trading methods. All the systems are included in the accompanying software and can be directly traded.

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July 8th, 2017

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  • Bryce Doster says:

    Great and in-depth explanation that increased my understanding Surprisingly insightful, and brutally honest. Goes thru the various concepts and techniques of algorithmic, or automated, trading. Not very encouraging that the Reader will be successful generating a consistent passive income or that there is any “magic bullet” (my term) to get rich quick. The chances are more that one will lose over the long run, regardless of what is tried or attempted. It is that brutally honest. However, it goes into great depth in an explanation as to why and how,…

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