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  • How to Use Social Media to Keep an Eye on the Competition
  • Best White Hat and Black Hat Strategy

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November 23rd, 2017

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  • Shannon Andrews says:

    SEO comprehensively defined. In our digital world we lived wherein mostly everyone uses social media it’ll be a disappointment if one would still be clueless on what SEO is. This read answered every frequently question on what SEO basically means. Everything about the subject matter has been well presented and discussed within a light manner that any reader would be able to comprehend the essence of what is being talked about. Samples and analogy were presented in such way that right there and then SEO analysis has been…

  • John Leo says:

    “SEO 2016” is a very informative book This book is very good. It is well written, well formatted and does just what it says on the cover – it’s black and it’s a fine art, that’s SEO.This book illustrates what is SEO clearly. What is the essence in our business and how it works? It also gives some techniques how to get into the top page of the web. What I like about in this book is it explains SEO broadly. It also defines the benefits of social media to our business marketing strategies. Overall this book is helpful and…

  • Anonymous says:

    Search engine optimization is one of the ways on how to make money out of the internet. When properly equipped with knowledge with this, the user will be able to market his/her products online without worrying much cost. This is something I wanted to master that is why I got this book to learn more.I can say that this book is a great tool in learning SEO. The author provided an in depth discussion of how this SEO works and how it can be fully utilize. Unlike the other books of the…

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