Informed by years of research and on-the-ground reporting, Schools That Succeed is Karin Chenoweth s most inspiring and compelling book yet an essential read for educators who seek to break the stubborn connection between academic achievement and socioeconomic status.
Chenoweth draws on her decade-long journey into neighborhood schools where low-income students and students of color are learning at unexpectedly high levels to reveal a key ingredient to their success: in one way or another, their leaders have confronted the traditional ways that schools are organized and have adopted new systems, all focused on improvement. In vivid profiles of once-embattled schools, Chenoweth shows how school leaders doggedly and patiently reorganized internal systems in order to prioritize teaching and learning, resulting in improved outcomes that in many cases exceeded statewide averages.

From how they use time to how they use money, schools that succeed combine a deep belief in the capacity of their students to achieve with deliberate systems focused on student needs. As a result, they create vibrant places where teachers want to teach and students want to learn.”

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November 8th, 2017

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  • John D. Goebel says:

    Five Stars This book is a great resource for a school leader seriously thinking about making changes that will impact the systems in their school or district. The author has taken the behind the scenes steps necessary to be able to come forth with suggestions to help improve low performing schools. She gives a focus when revisiting the management and operations of school systems with purpose. She provides exceptional examples of what true instructional leaders all are all about in today’s schools…

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