The Go-To Guide for Beginning Option Traders for Profits from the Start

Modern Learning Methods to learn to trade options for income. A full 192 page text with over 30 diagrams for easy learning.
Written specifically for individual Online Option Trading Income

MONEY AND TIME: “If you were thinking of taking an expensive course to learn options, you should read this book first.” – C. Parks /OE Blog

— For Beginner through Advanced Strategies
— 30+ Strategy Trading Diagrams for fast reference

CONFIDENCE: “There is no substitute for a good reference book of strategies and trading ideas like those found in this book.” – M.T. Bracey /OE Blog

  • Step-by-Step Learn to create profit streams using options.
  • How to use your free ‘paper trading’ account and learn options the easy, fast-start, modern way.
  • Learn Low-Risk: PASSIVE DIRECTIONAL TRADING techniques
  • Find out how to use spread trading, the bread-and-butter of pro techniques.
  • How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes
  • Techniques to protect the money and keep the profits you make.
  • Tips on How to Find Trading Ideas

    If you are already trading options and losing money, this might be one of the most important option books you will ever read.

  • For 25 years, the author provided corporate training to implement state-of-the-art option modeling software and sophisticated options strategies that lowered costs and increased efficiency of commercial commodity hedge plans. Now he brings that experience to help individual investors who trade electronically using deep-discount commissions and free vendor supplied software for beginning through advanced option trading.

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    September 24th, 2017

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    • steven toth says:

      Take the best advice the author can give you

    • Skidmark says:

      Wish this book had been available years ago. When I first saw this book, honestly, I thought this was going to be one of those ‘We unlock the magic secrets of investing in market’ mega-hype kind of books. I’ve read a number of books on options that are twice as long as this one is, not nearly as brightly colored (options books have to be drably colored because the subject is complex and not too exciting, right?) and deal much more with the theory of options rather than strategies. If the book doesn’t devote three chapters to Black-Scholes…

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