Business is hard―but it doesn’t have to be.
You have realized that your business needs change―that’s the first step.

Andy Bailey knows entrepreneurs. Now the Founder of Petra Coach, Andy started his career as an entrepreneur himself, founding NationLink Wireless while still in college and growing it into an Inc. 500 corporation. After burning the candle at both ends for years, however, Andy realized that he was working “for” his job, not “on” his business. He began searching for ways to achieve his ultimate entrepreneurial dream and began implementing a specific methodology, based on the Rockefeller Habits. 

After years of strategic plans, systematized procedures and goal-setting, Andy successfully sold and exited NationLink in 2011. With the next chapter on the horizon, he realized that all of the lessons he learned and the business habits he had adopted to further his own career could be taught to organizations, entrepreneurs and business leaders to improve accountability, camaraderie, culture and results. Fast forward to the present day, and Andy now has logged more than 10,000 hours coaching CEOs, executives and leaders across the globe on these principles.

No Try, Only Do is about how to avoid “the weak option,” why entrepreneurs often fall back on it, and the lessons Andy learned via his own bloody experiences over the years. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, there’s no room for “try” in your vocabulary.

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October 7th, 2017

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  • John B. Spence says:

    Great ideas and tools on business success I just finished reading this book, and as an entrepreneur, I absolutely loved it. Great story of how the author struggled early in his career as an entrepreneur, then learned several key ideas that helped him become one of America’s leading business coaches. He also talks about the specific ideas, tools and techniques he and his team teach to other business owners to help them grow a highly successful organization. Many of the core ideas of the book are based on the work of Vern Harnish and his…

  • Anthony G says:

    This book will change your life… If you don’t want to build your dreams, help build mine!

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