Would you like to retire in your early thirties? I do. In this book, I show you what I am doing to achieve so.

What can you learn with this book?

With this book, you will have access to the strategy I used to grow my net worth to a quarter of a million dollars by the age of 27 years old and will allow me to retire in my early thirties. This is not yet another early retirement book, but a book that details my thorough, yet easily understandable strategy to retire early. Unlike the common strategy, which relies on a IRA and 401k plan, this strategy is supported by many different types of investments that I have full control over. I show some of the techniques I use, including money management, saving investing, creation of passive income, financial diversification and other alternative, lucrative investments. This is my ultimate retirement planning and you’ll have entire access to it.

What is the main goal of this book?

In first place, inspire you. Inspire you to learn about early retirement, setting up a strategy to live better and raising your standards. See, I was not happy with retiring in my sixties. Especially, having the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or CFS) and wanting to become financially independent. I raised my standards and today, I am confident I will retire in a few years from now. In second place, and even though I am not a licensed financial advisor, I hope you can learn a lot from this book so you can set up your own strategy. Please read the disclaimer in the preface of the book.

Who should be reading this book?

Everyone who wants to retire earlier than the average and those who want to make a few extra bucks at the end of the month (even if already retired!). I have shared my knowledge with many to this day, and I’ve seen many people starting to make some seriously good investments. I talk about this in

What can you expect from this book?

As a scientist, you can expect a book full of citations and backed up data. I wanted a book full of accurate data, not some blond claims you read over and over and raise eyebrows among readers. You can expect a strategy that is supported on real estate, bonds, stocks, P2P lending and even online income! Most people who read the book was so inspired at the end of it that I spend many hours a week answering e-mails from my readers. Can I talk to you? Yes. After you read my book, you can contact me through my blog www.fromcentstoretirement.com ; I typically answer my readers in a matter of 72h. *Learn all about my early retirement and start working on yours – Get Your Copy Now!* Tags: retirement, retirement planning, wealth, net worth, extreme retirement, early retirement, extreme early retirement, retirement 101, retirement IRA, retirement 401k plan, money management, investing, invest, investing basics, wealth, passive income, early retirement, save money, retirement planning, financial diversification, early retirement, lucrative, worried

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November 25th, 2017

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  • chris says:

    Simple and honest I ve read this guy’s opinions on a popular questions app where you can ask questions and other people answer to the best of their knowledge. Benjamin’s views always gave me the opinion that he is very well informed on investment matters, so I paiid a visit to his blog froncentstoretirement. He has a ton of information about his journey of early retirement. This book takes all those information and presents them to the reader in a very straightforward way, very easy to read. This book doesn’t…

  • Amazon Customer says:

    realistic book on investment Honest, simple and realistic, since it revolves around the authors personal life, his future and present financial plans. Also unlike many of the other finance and investing books out there, where the authors are multimillionaires, Benjamin is very relatable person. In this book he is sharing with his PRESENT situation where he is growing financially to achieve his goal of retiring earlyThe book is enjoyable to read at the same time provides so much value for newbie investors. The…

  • Amazon Customer says:

    It’s really worth it!

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