Worried about the economy? Stuck with a job you dislike? There are tons of books about entrepreneurship as a way help you escape these problems, but it is very risky to put all your eggs in one entrepreneurial basket. And that basket may have holes you don’t even know exist. Much better to experiment with a few different income streams, simultaneously. Your financial advisor probably told you to diversify your stock portfolio but did he tell you to diversify your income, more generally? Do you sense that, in today’s times, people are making lots of money in creative ways and using their newfound freedom to live the life of their dreams? It’s true! And regardless of where you are in your career, we believe you can join the Multiple Income Streams Revolution. This book is written to help the average person create new streams of income. If this sounds great, then you will enjoy Dan King and Mohit Tater’s Multiple Income Streams Revolution. In these pages, two six-figure multiple income streams earners show you their strategies. This practical, straight-to-the-point guide shows you: ● The basics of multiple income streams. What are multiple income streams and why should you build them? ● How to find new, creative, income stream ideas and determine which ideas are worth your time. ● The 11 exciting new income stream ideas and how to raise money for them ● The principles of the Multiple Income Streams Method (MIS) ● 6 ways to get super clear on the strengths you’ll leverage to massively increase your income ● 11 ways to dramatically increase your productivity ● How to build a team to scale your income streams while you sleep ● How to invest in some of the most exciting private companies in America, today ● How to capitalize on intellectual property created by others Financial independence is defined as having the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Financial independence and early retirement are possible if you have access to the right resources and you’re able to take the necessary steps. In this book, money is introduced from a refreshingly new perspective. It will show you not just how to get complete control over your money, but also how to generate from multiple income streams and thus creating a worthwhile life of financial security, control and independence. Join Dan King and Mohit Tater as they both take you on a financial roller-coaster ride into the world of multiple income streams. Through this book you will learn how to achieve financial independence in the 21st century. Carefully crafted strategies, techniques, and lifestyles about smart financial choices, self-sufficiency, and increasing your income streams will be at your disposal to help you formulate your own plan for attaining that independence.

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July 31st, 2017

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