What this book promises is not easy to do as creating wealth involves saving and self-discipline. While having the lifestyle you want often demands for most people at least spending more than they have on hand. But it’s not impossible because I have managed to live like a millionaire since I was 28 and yet have still managed to accumulate wealth along the way. That’s not to say I could not be a whole lot richer or have not made tons of errors on the journey, but living life has always been more important to me than wealth. Which is why I take a three-month vacation every year, plus another four weeks on shorter trips in the remaining nine months. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous and undoable to most people but it’s not and it’s actually quite fun! You can increase your income Your lifestyle And your wealth at the same time No your wealth will not accumulate as fast as you could if you where living like a Monk but if you wanted to do that you wouldn’t be reading this book. In the book I am going to share with you the strategies I used to go from a high school drop out to a self made millionaire by my early thirties. What’s more I am going to show you have to have a great lifestyle along the way! I am going to share personal growth strategies, career strategies, business strategies, income strategies, personal development and lifestyle strategies so you can accumulate real wealth and live like a rock star while you do it! Andrew Wood

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  • Legendary Advice 101 Proven Strategies to Rapidly Increase Your Income Wealth and Lifestyle

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December 1st, 2017

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  • Matthew Fiorenza says:

    This book is legit – what Andrew Wood teaches works.

  • Anonymous says:

    As an avid student and coach of self-development, I’ve read and acquired many books on wealth accumulation and fruitful living. I could have saved much expense and library space had I only acquired Andrew Wood’s “Legendary Advice” first. It’s a quick, easy, entertaining read but covers the gamut with many sage life lessons. I particularly liked the stories Wood uses to illustrate the 101 Strategies. Read it, and select and then focus upon only a half dozen and you’re sure to improve…

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