A wholly practical book that helps speech-language pathologists, educationists and other professionals to understand the growing statistical reality and culture of poverty, and its implications for children’s developing language, and to provide strategies that are most effective in supporting these children and their families. The author uniquely and specifically addresses the combination of information about the “culture of poverty”; background information on factors impacting low-income children’s language skills; practical strategies for nonbiased assessment of these children’s language skills; practical strategies for intervention with these children; practical strategies for structuring the school environment to be optimal for these children; and practical strategies for working with these children’s families.

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September 6th, 2017

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  • Shopping Maven says:

    Significant resource

  • Anonymous says:

    Roseberry-McKibbin has once again provided the clinical professional with a insightful and practical resource supported by evidence-based practices. This book can be used as well in the university classroom to prepare classroom teachers, school psychologists, and administrators as well as speech language pathologists for the reality of children in our schools today. This guide is also a great resource for the researcher, not only as a source for information, but also as a source for direction…

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