30 pages, includes: color charts, color diagrams. This strategy plays both sides of the market, producing derivative income in all market conditions, successful 95 out of 100 times at statistically safe ranges. Compilation of individual strategies also available.

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August 1st, 2017

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  • Karen A. Charbonneau says:

    Building Your Hedge Fund Knowledge I ordered the entire series by Hedge Strategies. These books are not for the beginner, but for someone with a basic background in investment. They will increase your knowledge of hedge fund strategies exponentially, and give you insight into how the big boys do it. I’m glad I have them and find myself bookmarking parts and returning to them for further insight into this complicated aspect of investing. The author obviously knows his stuff. Some theory; some how-to. I’m glad I’ve added the…

  • bbensaid says:

    The real thing – No fluff

  • Charles R. Helton says:


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