Are you angered by the high level of inequality but frustrated about what to do? From Here to Prosperity tells you how we can resolve this together. It is not another lengthy, learned work on the extent of the problem, it is about how to fix it, build a sustainable economy and bring greater social justice.
This refreshing book is a must-read for anyone who wants to see a better life for themselves and the millions who suffer unnecessary financial hardship and pressure every day. It is written in a common sense style to encourage discussion and immediate action. 
Research shows that high levels of inequality are bad for us all (The Spirit Level: Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett). Polls show that extreme inequality is a key issue for voters and that most people expect the government to take effective action. But they don’t, Why? Because we don’t push them hard, show our true feelings. Voting is not enough, a strong determined social movement is required to press our politicians to act boldly and transform our society for the better, for all, not just the few
From Here to Prosperity is a handbook for this social movement, this political revolution. It sets out a very clear bold agenda for action. This agenda is based on the principle of ‘Income for me/wealth for we”. We keep more of the income we earn and we share more equitably the wealth we create jointly. There are just five key interlinked policy initiatives in the Agenda for Progressive Prosperity and they could all be kick started on Day One of any new political administration and see positive results within three years, to ensure that our democracy works for us all, not just the few.
Now is the time to act. First step: buy this book.

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July 18th, 2017

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  • Anonymous says:

    I well written and very thought provoking read that proposes radical new solutions to the growing economic inequality that increasingly threatens to undermine our society and political systems. It has an engaging and accessible style and although not a text book, it is well researched and supported with insightful analysis and plenty of supporting data. There is much more in here than mere analysis and description. Whether you agree with the ideas put forward or not, this book will expand your…

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