There is no question that investing is a challenging business, but unlike those who dabble in the stock market, trading on the Forex Market comes with its own unique quirks and challenges. Throughout this book, you will learn a host of practical tips and guidelines that can help you to develop solid and practical habits that can propel you into a whole new kind of investment.

Trading on the Forex Market (the foreign exchange) requires more than just learning how to pick a good currency. There’s a little psychology involved, a little calculation that you will have to hone in on your powers of perception and keep your finger on the world events that move the world’s economy. Surely a tall order when you think about it, but through this book, it is broken down into easy to follow step-by-step suggestions that can make you a better investor all the way around.

Inside you will find tips on:

  • How to read a Price Action Chart
  • How to understand basic Forex terminology
  • The Psychology of Forex Trading
  • Where you fit in the foreign exchange market
  • How to research and analyze information related to trading currency and so much more

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September 30th, 2017

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